Medical Wellness
Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness

A health retreat for body and soul!

Medical Wellness is aimed at health-conscious individuals looking to spend a holiday in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Feldberg Lake District, while enhancing their sense of well-being. It appeals to all those – even in senior years – seeking to ease existing complaints and ailments, while promoting their physical and mental health. We'll improve your fitness levels, help you attain your target weight, and carry out thorough check-ups. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of our establishment and our professional treatments! Numerous certificates and awards are proof of our dedication.

Definition of medical wellness

The Baltic Academy defines this term as follows:

“ [...] measures guided by medical science, for sustained improvement of quality of life, and of the subjective sense of well-being, by means of prevention and health promotion for which the individuals themselves assume responsibility, and motivation for a health-conscious lifestyle.”

This is a definition to which we too adhere.



A stay with us doesn't mean compromising on your creature comforts: our rooms are modern in style. Several of them offer wonderful views across the Haussee to the picturesque town of Feldberg which has 2000 inhabitants. The clinic itself is situated on the banks of the lake, surrounded by parkland featuring lakeside jetties, Kneipp water treading pools and the lake terrace of the park café.

We've compiled an overview of all our medical wellness courses, from which additional elements can always be selected, regardless of the retreat you have booked.

Retreats with a medical emphasis

Our medical retreats are the tried and tested result of careful consideration by medical professionals. During your medical wellness holiday you will be subject to monitoring by our medical staff. This monitoring includes an appointment with a consultant, a medical examination upon arrival, a performance assessment to produce your personalised training plan, a concluding appointment prior to your departure, and a final report. Moreover, among other things, we also offer diagnostic examinations such as bioelectrical impedance analysis and a full blood count.



Wellness retreats

Take a break from the stresses of everyday life! Allow us to pamper you and enjoy a retreat free from disturbances – on your own, or in the company of your partner. Our offers are the perfect opportunity to recover and recharge your batteries. If you'd simply like the opportunity to get to know us, or are looking for a brief getaway, we recommend you consider one of our retreats for a stay of up to 4 four days. Even in such a short time, you can do much for your own vitality, concentrating on yourself – rather than the hustle and bustle of the everyday.


Special occasions and festive retreats

Special occasions and festive retreats

Our after-work packages are particularly attractive (Thursday specials), as are those aimed at interval rehabilitation patients (Obesity specials). Should you have yet to make plans for the festive season, we offer attractive retreats over Easter, Whitsun, Christmas and the New Year featuring beneficial treatments, festive menus, live music, activities, excursions, etc.


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From Mondays to Fridays our hospitality office will be happy to deal with any enquiries relating to retreats and reservations.


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